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Are you interested in coffee? We love him! That's why we founded our own roasting company in 2018. Since then, we have been roasting around 15 coffees here every week, all of which taste different. In this way, we celebrate the diversity of the coffee plant and always offer our customers new, varied taste experiences .

For our roasts we only use high-quality green coffee beans, so-called specialty coffee . With coffee, as with wine, the better the fruit, the more potential the drink has. And there are at least as many varieties of coffee plants as there are of grape vines . There is a lot to discover!

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Titelbild zum Blogbeitrag "Anleitung für Americano"
Kaffee brühen

Instructions for Americano: The Extended Espresso

We'll show you how to make a delicious Americano, what you need and what you can do if you don't like your coffee. Let's go.
Titelbild zur Anleitung für Cold Brew. Zu sehen ist ein Cold Brew in einem 250-ml-Glas auf einem Tisch des Café Marcel.
Kaffee & Eis

Cold Brew Instructions

Cold Brew is the ideal summer drink for all coffee lovers. Whether with ice cubes or tonic water: If you're looking for a refreshing drink in summer, cold brew is the right choice.
Titelbild für die Anleitung für Milchkaffee. Zu sehen ist ein Milchkaffee mit Latte Art.
Kaffee mit Milch

Instructions for Cafe Latte

We'll show you how to make a delicious milk coffee, what you need and how to get the ideal, fine-pored milk foam. Let's start.

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Aurore is German champion

Aurore will compete in the German Cup Tasting Championships in Bremen in 2023 and confidently wins the competition.

Erntereife Robusta-Kaffeekirschen an einem Kaffeestrauch in Vasundra, Indien.


Quality and growing conditions at a glance

We source our green coffees from selected retailers who are dedicated to specialty coffee. It is important to us that our partners not only keep an eye on the special quality of the coffee beans but also the entire supply chain . This means that we get detailed information about how the coffee is grown and the coffee farmers can build long-term relationships . We also source some of our coffees directly from the farms in order to achieve the greatest possible transparency about the growing conditions. You can find out more in our article on the coffee trade .

We roast all coffees on our 15 kg drum roaster from Giesen. In order to continually develop, we record every roasting process and taste the freshly roasted coffees in our weekly quality control, cupping . This means that every roast always tastes exactly how it should taste.

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