About Us

Starting with a lot of café know-how, we have been roasting fresh coffee beans every week since 2018 for you, other customers and ourselves, so that espressos and filter coffees taste better. Read more here.

Our Goal

With our coffee roastery, we make the countless varieties of the coffee plant tangible for you. All have their own characteristics that vary depending on the growing region and microclimate. It's a bit like grape vines: each variety brings its own natural aromas that significantly influence the taste and character of your coffee.

We bring out this variety of flavors through our precise roasting. We consciously avoid the majority of the very dominant, classic roasting aromas that only arise after very long or hot roasting. The result is coffees that taste very different and therefore always surprise. We invite you to try them!

The Günter Coffee Roasters Team

Aurore Ceretta in gelbem Café-Marcel-T-Shirt, lächelt in die Kamera.

Aurora Ceretta

Mats Weller

Philip Weller lächelt in unseren Räumen in Freiburg-Günterstal in die Kamera.

Philip Weller

We're glad you found us and want to know more about us. It's a pleasure! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.

Aurore, Mats, Philip and Nico from Günter Coffee Roasters

Nicolas Kittel

The Start

That's how it all started

In 2014, Aurore and Philip opened Café Marcel in Freiburg's Stadtgarten, and Mats joined a short time later. They want to bring delicious espresso with fine-pored foamed milk to Freiburg. The two start in the small café with the most important equipment: a high-quality grinder and a portafilter machine . A short time later, they also become enthusiastic about the sweet and fruity notes of lighter-roasted, single-origin coffees . A second coffee grinder is needed to adequately share this enthusiasm with the guests .

At that time, the coffee beans came from various small and medium-sized roasters in Germany and Europe. The enthusiasm for coffee quickly turns into a passion. So the three of them founded Günter Coffee Roasters in spring 2018.

Achievements & Milestones

And This is How it's Going

Philip Weller mit Trophäe der deutschen Röstmeisterschaft 2024.

Philip Weller ist Deutscher Röstmeister 2024

Im Mai erkämpft sich Philip den Sieg bei den deutschen Röstmeisterschaften 2024 in Emmerich, organisiert von der Specialty Coffee Association Germany.

What Our Customers Say

Erntereife Robusta-Kaffeekirschen an einem Kaffeestrauch in Vasundra, Indien.


Quality and Growing Conditions

We source our green coffees from selected retailers who are dedicated to specialty coffee. It is important to us that our partners not only keep an eye on the special quality of the coffee beans but also the entire supply chain. This means that we get detailed information about how the coffee is grown and the coffee farmers can build long-term relationships. We also source some of our coffees directly from the farms in order to achieve the greatest possible transparency about the growing conditions. You can find out more in our article on coffee trade.

We roast all coffees on our 15 kg drum roaster from Giesen. In order to continually develop, we record every roasting process and taste the freshly roasted coffees in our weekly quality control, the cupping. This means that every roast always tastes exactly how it should taste.

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