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For everyone who doesn't want to regularly buy new coffee themselves, we offer a practical, automatic coffee subscription. You can choose which coffees you would like to receive regularly – every month or every other month.

Simply select your favorite coffees and the corresponding delivery option. All subscribers receive a 10% discount from their first order. The shipping costs are the same as for individual orders.

To add multiple coffees to the subscription, simply place them together in the shopping cart for your subscription order and make sure that you choose the same delivery interval.

You can change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Since some of our coffees are only available for a limited time, they cannot be subscribed to. This is especially true for unusual filter coffees.

It's that easy to subscribe to coffee

Instructions for taking out a coffee subscription at Günter Coffee.

To take out a coffee subscription, you first select a coffee that you would like to subscribe to. On the product page, do the following:

  1. Choose your desired weight. All coffees are available in packages of 250 g or 1 kg.
  2. Choose whether you want whole beans or ground beans.
  3. Select your desired product quantity.
  4. Select “Subscribe to Save.”
  5. Choose your desired delivery interval (every or every 2nd month).
  6. Add your subscription product to your shopping cart.

You can add as many more coffees to the subscription as you like. Simply follow the instructions again. When you are finished, you can access the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout process using the “Checkout” button to complete your order.

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