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In our blogs you will find out everything you need to know about coffee and how we work with our favorite beverage. From coffee preparation methods with filters, portafilters etc., to in-depth knowledge of the coffee plant and everything that comes afterwards. You can also read about the great people we work with here.

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Titelbild zum Blogbeitrag "Anleitung für Americano"
Kaffee brühen

Instructions for Americano: The Extended Espresso

We'll show you how to make a delicious Americano, what you need and what you can do if you don't like your coffee. Let's go.
Titelbild zur Anleitung für Cold Brew. Zu sehen ist ein Cold Brew in einem 250-ml-Glas auf einem Tisch des Café Marcel.
Kaffee & Eis

Cold Brew Instructions

Cold Brew is the ideal summer drink for all coffee lovers. Whether with ice cubes or tonic water: If you're looking for a refreshing drink in summer, cold brew is the right choice.
Titelbild für die Anleitung für Milchkaffee. Zu sehen ist ein Milchkaffee mit Latte Art.
Kaffee mit Milch

Instructions for Cafe Latte

We'll show you how to make a delicious milk coffee, what you need and how to get the ideal, fine-pored milk foam. Let's start.

From Bush to Cup

Learn Everything About Coffee

Blow Hopper: Das Gebläse für die Kaffeemühle
Kaffee mahlen

Blow Hopper: The blower for the coffee grinder

Have you ever heard of dead space? What sounds macabre is a smaller or bigger problem with every coffee grinder. This refers to the area in which ground coffee gets stuck during the grind...
Blog Header Cup of Excellence mit Logo und Filterkaffeezubereitung.

What is the Cup of Excellence?

In a nutshell: The Cup of Excellence is a competition for coffee and takes place annually in different origin countries. An international jury selects the best beans for the coveted award. Her...
Blog-Titelbild zum Beitrag Kaffeemühle reinigen. Zu sehen ist eine offenliegende Mahlscheibe einer Mythos-Kaffeemühle.
Kaffee mahlen

Instructions: Cleaning a Coffee Grinder

If you are careless when cleaning your coffee grinder, you will compromise on taste. In this article we'll look at how best to clean, how often and what else needs to be taken into account.

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Anne Gerulat und Torsten Rosendahl vor den Türen ihrer Rösterei.

Indie Roasters import organic coffee directly from India

Torsten Rosendahl and Rainer Kespohl love coffee and found the Indie Roasters together in 2013. Their mission: Import and roast high-quality organic coffee in Germany without any detours....
Blog Header zum Beitrag über das Restaurant Jacobi.

Fine Dining in Freiburg: Chris and Lina from the Jacobi Restaurant Introduce Themselves

With Jacobi, Christoph Kaiser and his team in Freiburg have created an address for fine dining where sustainability and regionality are the focus. All food comes from producers the team knows pers...
Titelbild zum Blogbeitrag über unseren Partner Kuro Mori. Zu sehen ist das Interieur.

Steffen Disch from Kuro Mori introduces himself

Kuro Mori is Japanese and means black forest. In his restaurant, which opened in 2020, star chef Steffen Disch expresses his passion for Asian and local cuisine. You can find out here how he manag...