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How does coffee growing actually work? And how is coffee harvested? What's the deal with processing and cupping? And what is ... Whatever you want to know about coffee, you'll find it here.

Mitarbeiter:innen einer Kaffeefarm in Äthiopien arbeiten am Trockenbett mit Kaffeekirschen, die an der Luft getrocknet werden.

Coffee Processing Methods: This Happens After Harvesting

Natural, Washed, Pulped, Honey. Ever heard of it? In this article we explain what lies behind the terms. This much can already be revealed: it's about the further processing of green coffee after t...
Titelbild zum Blogartikel über Entkoffeinierung von Kaffeebohnen. Auf dem Bild sind links 8 grüne Kaffeebohnen zu sehen und rechts bräunliche Bohnen, die sich durch den Entkoffeinierungsprozess verfärbt haben. In weiß liest man "Entkoffeinierung".

How is Coffee Decaffeinated?

Coffee is evolving from just a stimulant to a fine luxury potable. And since no one wants to worry while enjoying themselves, caffeine can definitely get in the way. The solution: decaffeinated cof...

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