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How does coffee growing actually work? And how is coffee harvested? What's the deal with processing and cupping? And what is ... Whatever you want to know about coffee, you'll find it here.

Bild der Finca San Luis in den tropischen Wäldern Kolumbiens. Blog-Header.

How Omar Grows Coffee on Finca San Luis in Colombia

The year is 1977 and the Tinoco family, coffee producers from Colombia, are at a crossroads. Omar was still small at the time, his father was seriously ill and business was going badly. There was a...
Titelbild zum Artikel über Lowcaf. Zu sehen ist Coffea arabica cv. laurina auf der Insel La Réunion, fotografiert von Adrien Chatenay CC-BY-SA 4.0.

What is Lowcaf?

Decaffeinated coffee often doesn't have the best reputation among coffee connoisseurs. The verdict: too bland in taste, too flat in body. Does Lowcaf offer a good alternative and what is it anyway?
Titelbild zum Artikel über Kaffeeanbau. Zu sehen ist ein Teil der Anbaufläche der brasilianischen Familie Dutra mit kleinen Kaffeepflanzen.

How is Coffee Grown?

On average, 168 cups of coffee are drunk per person per year in Germany. But where does coffee actually come from, how does it grow, and what is the coffee belt? There are answers here.

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