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How does coffee growing actually work? And how is coffee harvested? What's the deal with processing and cupping? And what is ... Whatever you want to know about coffee, you'll find it here.

Blow Hopper: Das Gebläse für die Kaffeemühle
Kaffee mahlen

Blow Hopper: The blower for the coffee grinder

Have you ever heard of dead space? What sounds macabre is a smaller or bigger problem with every coffee grinder. This refers to the area in which ground coffee gets stuck during the grind...
Titelbild zum Kaffeebohnen-Ratgeber. Zu sehen ist das Abkühlbecken des Rösters von Günter Coffee Roasters.

Coffee Bean Buyer's Guide: Find Your New Favorite Coffee

There are a lot of things you can do wrong when buying coffee. You decided to do some research before you grab it – cool! Here you can read what you need to pay attention to and why.

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